Another incredible amateur production that I was lucky enough to land a role in. Please enjoy this over a year in the making video. Stand by for the part II as the lines for that have been done as well. 

Commercial for the excellent podcast The Auric Cell Podcast, well written with an ensemble of talented voice actors. 

Gotta love being able to work inside a project that has personal interest. Psycho Pass season 1 is off the charts meta and extremely allegorical. Also just using the voice that everyone says is so great with no straining for an accent or a particular tone is awesome. Hopefully more projects like this fall into my lap! 

Giving a voice to a character that normally doesn't have a voice I go as low as I can go to give Pyramidhead/The Executioner a voice in this excellent series of podcasts. 

In an effort that will probably not be repeated any time soon here is me playing TWO roles, hero and villain. 

Here it is my fellow humans! Staring me as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Must have a strong sense of irony and humor to view this video. Please enjoy and comment for the creators. 

My primary VA role is Admiral Drake. I have several other bit parts. This is my first VA role.

From the same creator that did the PsychoPass Gmod. My role as Henry is minimal. Doesn't change the fact this skit is hilarious.