I dabble in photography. Here are some of the photos I have take over the years. Big damn difference between an DSLR, a snap cam and an iphone. Can you tell which is which?  

This used to be the page where I proudly displayed many of the firearms that I completed work on and/or actually own. Right up until the introduction of the Extreme Risk Protection Order (Red Flag Law). This piece of legislation completely removes a persons constitutional rights and can be instituted by anyone including law enforcement or other organizations. As I have already expressed disgust at my local police force for refusing to enforce laws that do not generate an income for the city, I am expecting my local police force to ERPO on me soon after this unconstitutional law goes into effect January 2020 because of me being a thorn in their side. Removing photographs of firearms that I might still own is an attempt to negate being prosecuted under this new dictatorship. Links to the text of the document provided below as well as an article on why it is the most dangerous in the nation provided below.