February 01 2020


New sit down with Mack Maloney coming soon! So many things in the works including sending part one of the book to the editor! Many irons in the fire for 2020 for  sure including a change of venue. Salutations to all of my UK and SE visitors.  There will be another interview next month by Mack Maloney for the wife and myself, should be amazing as always. Available now through the new Podbean link below be sure to check out all of the episodes!   








Unfortunately the fortnite production has been canceled due to socialism (people not pulling their assigned weight) Will leave these two videos up until I find something else to replace them with. 

My primary VA role is Admiral Drake. I have several other bit parts. This is my first VA role.

DJ Nitreblue

New on the  musical scene the persona DJ NitreBlue brings a life long love affair with music to new levels utilizing Musical Alchemy to blend beats that would not normally be heard together into a sonic adventure that transports you mind into the living universe and your booty to the dance floor. 

Sonic production of aural pleasure is my genre, if I had to put a label on my musical madness it would be called Musical Alchemy! Music can transport you anywhere, but I like riding in style, therefore acoustic monsters are born.


In this bad lip reading version of AIW I add my voice as the venerable Tony Stark/Ironman. According to one of the producers the production is still moving forward around college classes. Should be done mid 2020. 





Productions ‚Äč

  • Holst-Mars Bringer of War Redux4:20
  • Sirens of the Hill3:30
  • DMDT4:17
  • Algo Bueno 3:34
  • Psycho Sitar4:10
  • Smokey Blue Gold3:42
  • Chemtrails of Spring4:31
  • Long Deep Often4:44
  • Universal Twisting15:00
  • Get it Right4:45
  • That Look Feat. Hunnah3:30
  • Ode to a Virus2:41