And, that's what the cat said.

Born and raised in the heart of a typical suburban midwest city I was exposed to many genres of music growing up but never allowed to take music or an instrument lessons, I always had a dream of making my own music. 

For over half of my adult life I served in the United States Navy. From the time I graduated High School till the day I retired music was a major part of my existence. Not so much in the production but in having it around as the “Spirit of the Radio” making the bad times better and the good times fantastic. 

Taking off the uniform in 11, I found what I thought was going to be my next career working in transportation. Unfortunately that ended with disastrous results and a permanent injury that would prevent me from further pursuit in that industry.

2013 would find me packing up my things and relocating to Colorado for some vocational rehab at what I thought would be my new career in Gunsmithing. Unfortunately the injuries that prevent me from working in transportation limit me from working as a Gunsmith full time, but that does not limit me from Smithing as a hobby. 

2013 would also find me looking at a website that gives you music stems to remix songs and then enter them in a worldwide contest. Once again stymied by a lack of computing power, not to mention lack of any basic knowledge of music production. Hello Youtube University.

2015 would find me with a new computer with enough power to run a DAW and an ever expanding knowledge of music production. Multiple remix contests are completed in 2015 with each mix growing in its complexity and finished sound. 

2016 would find me seeking employment in the entertainment industry with a job a mobile DJ falling into my lap and getting comfortable there. With the introduction of Traktor into my musical arsenal I find my music production expanding in new directions as well as the fun of being a DJ.

2017 January sees the end of my mobile DJ career as the scheduler took offense at my ethnicity and refused to give me work. It sees the end of a five year FELA suit against Union Pacific Railroad for on the job injury sustained in 2012. Despite the judge finding that UPRC  submitted false evidence, destroyed other evidence and committed perjury several times, he forces me to settle telling me that"I was not injured enough visually for the jury to give me a decent award." 


2018 Would be a significantly difficult year as most of it is spent representing myself in court against a contractor that did significant damage to my home in breach of contract. The win was a moral victory only as the judge who found the company to be in breach of contract refused to reward me the cost of the contracts back.  

2019 A painfully slow recovery from reconstructive foot surgery in February is the basis for most of my 2019. 

2020 A Rapidly changing political climate had take the fun out of living in the mile high state and the approaching storm of fear virus necissated a change in living venue. That change brought me back to my home state and a brand new basket of problems. From moving during the time of fear virus, a broken contract bad faith home purchase, fourth amendment rights violation by local law enforcement, a stolen election that will result in the death of this nation and tie is all up nice and neatly with the death of my father because of the fear virus, his funeral being on xmas eve. 

2021 Several month into his dictatorship uncle joe announces his gun control edicts after some more criminals acted in a criminal manner and criminally murdered some people. But let us not talk about the issue at hand, the criminal, lets just once again blame the firearm. Later that year a heinous act of terror perpetrated with a motor vehicle and before long the mainstream social media was blaming the vehicle itself for the actions of the driver. 

2022 Generation X has been determined to bee the generation that gets to witness the end of America as they learned it K-12 classroom that still cared about teaching their students critical thinking skills and a love for the nation that gave the freedoms to become anything they wanted to become. Generationally it also unfortunately gave them addiction problems as they because the testbed for the unregulated used of psychotropic drugs to mask the horrific path that was being set by their parents. The hard men of the Greatest Generation defeated real nazi's and brought about a generation of good times but started the cycle of breeding of soft men. Boomers experienced one of the greatest leap in technological advancements for entertainment Tv to color TV to cable tv to satellite to internet, from no computers to personal computers. Their children, us, genX, would see what we have seen. Most of us started with color TV's and AM radios, maybe records and even 8 tracks, then there were cassettes, cd,'s, to digital music. From no home entertainment to pong, then atari, nintendo, playstation, xbox, some of them no into their 5th or 6th generations. No cells phones to pocket PC's that act like a phone sometimes. Our children saw a lot of that an now so much more. Humans have advanced their entertainment network so expansively that we can now almost watch another nations war half a world away in real time. If the russians expose a bunch of deep state secrets to the world will they try and blame Trump for it? Or was this just another war on the road to the apocalypse, brought to you by phiser.  

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