Talking about the book rules for radicals and how the left uses it. 

Part 1 of talking about how to spot the lies of the left. 

Part 2 of pointing out the lies of the lunatic left. 

First monetized video produced by me. A PSA about "ghost guns".

For some reason even Rumble won't release this video. Freedom of speech network my ass!

A call for unrestricted psychic warfare on the lunatic left. 

The only reason you should be afraid of an audit is if you did something wrong. 

Pastor Raptures take on UFO's and why the USG is so openly ambiguous about them. 

Crazy dictator joe threatens State of Missouri with nukes and F-16's.

Wow, a whole three. On a roll now...

Second PSA about the dangers of the term "assault weapons".

Marxism being pushed in the US military should scare you.