Finally complete DJ NitreBlue's first full album is now available through multiple streaming sites and purchase through the button below. 



My primary VA role is Admiral Drake. I have several other bit parts. This is my first VA role.




Productions ‚Äč

Gotta love being able to work inside a project that has personal interest. Psycho Pass season 1 is off the charts meta and extremely allegorical. Also just using the voice that everyone says is so great with no straining for an accent or a particular tone is awesome. Hopefully more projects like this fall into my lap! 

Here it is my fellow humans! Staring me as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Must have a strong sense of irony and humor to view this video. Please enjoy and comment for the creators. 

Taking on the role of Jefferson Davis in a two episode series of a Miles Morales origin story. 

New on the  musical scene the persona DJ NitreBlue brings a life long love affair with music to new levels utilizing Musical Alchemy to blend beats that would not normally be heard together into a sonic adventure that transports you mind into the living universe and your booty to the dance floor. 

Sonic production of aural pleasure is my genre, if I had to put a label on my musical madness it would be called Musical Alchemy! Music can transport you anywhere, but I like riding in style, therefore acoustic monsters are born.


A cast set release video from the producers of the Audiobook Into the Wild: Warrior Cats. 

In an effort that will probably not be repeated any time soon here is me playing TWO roles, hero and villain. 

DJ Nitreblue

February 14 2021


Rhymes of the Antique Mariner is now available for purchase or on streaming services. Please give it a listen and purchase if it makes wanna shake your booty. Bass whores should love my track House of Roc and APB4Chaos. Something for everyones musical tastes. Check it out and help a brother out by making a purchase.      





  • Holst-Mars Bringer of War Redux4:20
  • Sirens of the Hill3:30
  • DMDT4:17
  • Algo Bueno 3:34
  • Psycho Sitar4:10
  • Smokey Blue Gold3:42
  • Chemtrails of Spring4:31
  • Long Deep Often4:44
  • Universal Twisting15:00
  • Get it Right4:45
  • That Look Feat. Hunnah3:30
  • Ode to a Virus2:41